Hospitality is a timeless art. But sales and marketing isn’t.

Advertising your hotel is an evolving craft, and it’s constantly being transformed by advances in technology. In order to keep you competitive, you need someone who both knows today’s market and is able to talk the digital jargon.

With 25 years of experience in hotels, we’ve seen market changes. We know the tools and processes to keep your rooms filled, night in and night out.

Here’s how we accomplish that:

Maintaining Reviews

The impact an online review has on your hotel is staggering. Studies are continuously released showing how small jumps in online ratings can result in tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in gained revenue.

…or vice versa. We manage and maintain your reviews to ensure those review websites are your best friends.

Targeted Promotions and Advertising

When you’re in hotels for so long, you pick up a few tricks along the way. One of which is our relationships with online travel agents and advertisers. We can get you the most exposure for the best value.

We’ll also take advantage of all programs offered by the franchise, as well as tapping into the local visitors bureau and other opportunities.

Improving Sales Processes

We sit down with your managers and get right to work, starting with their weekly sales calls. We’ll train them on all of the aspects to making these sales calls successful.

Website Development and Management

We work with a web development company to create a site that reflects all the beauty your hotel represents. Not just that, we’ll ensure all dynamics of your hotel are featured, so much so that people are compelled to book.

Competitive Positioning

We look long term with you. We’ll uncover everything unique about your hotel and set you apart from the rest, all the while maintaining your rate integrity.

Other services include:

  • E-commerce, Social and Internet Marketing
  • Professional Revenue Management
  • Pre-opening Marketing
  • Niche Marketing
  • Maximization of Franchise Programs

But we don’t want you to just be competitive. We want you to rise to the top. Working with MKM is the first step to making that happen.

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